Vagina and Ben Wa Balls: The Perfect Combination

Vagina and Ben Wa Balls: The Perfect Combination

Beginners, women who want to exercise after their pregnancy to get their pelvic floor muscles in shape again, or 50-plus ladies can best choose for larger and lighter balls. Experts advise to start with a light ball on a sturdy string, made of safe silicone. Yoni egg vs Ben Waa balls, these balls are easier to insert and remove.

Between 30 and 45 years with children (Slightly advanced)

Are you between 30 and 45, with children and no serious pelvic floor symptoms? Then you belong to the group ‘slightly advanced’.

Not yet 35? No children? No complaints? (Advanced)

Under 35 and had no childbirth? Or do you practice yoga or Pilates? And do you have no pelvic floor symptoms? Then you belong to the ‘advanced’. The heavier balls are harder to hold and a right choice for you. Small, heavy balls are the ultimate challenge. But you do not have to opt for small balls automatically. Small balls are often less good to feel and therefore give less that sensual and exciting feeling.

Complete cone sets that anyone over 30 can use (Beginners and light advanced)

If you do not know exactly whether you belong to the “beginners” or “slightly advanced” group, you can opt for a complete training set. The best and most beautiful set experts find is the Je Joue Ami nice set that goes up to a tough workout , but the inexpensive set Nova from Svakom , The Cherry set with which you can start with very light weights and the Luna Beads from the top brand Lelo are also effective. You can use this as a ‘beginner’ or ‘slightly advanced’ start and build up the training slowly, at your own pace. Is the first ball a little too light? Then you can start with the heavier version. Another tip: also take a look at the yoni eggs.

How do you apply the balls well?

Try to relax yourself. A shower in advance can be nice. Bring your attention to your pelvic floor area. Clean the balls before use. You can do this with lukewarm water and anti-bacterial soap or a special toy cleaner.

First apply a little lubricant (for example Pink Frolic or Pjur Toy Lube) to the (front ball.) You can also apply the lubricant to the opening of your vagina, which makes the insertion more comfortable, but do not overdo it, because that can make the ball too smooth making it difficult to hold in place, then you put the ball in, or the balls one by one, press them a little into your vagina until the ball slides in. Then its okay does not push the ball all the way to the back of the vagina, keeping the string on the outside of your body.

Try to experiment with the spot. This stimulates the vaginal wall and gives an exciting feeling.   Try to wear them lower in the vagina for a softer sensation, or try to get them directly behind the g-spot for a more intense excitement. The most important thing is that the basic ball is on top of the pelvic floor muscle. If wear a ben wa ball during your normal activities such as walking, swimming, or cleaning, you activate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

When do you know that you have the right ball?

The best weight of the cone to start with is the cone that you can lift and lower comfortably once inserted.

Simple training with ben wa balls

By wearing the balls during your normal activities such as walking, swimming or cleaning you activate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

You must stand or keep moving, and not sit or lie down. The balls will tend to sag and drop below their own weight. Your pelvic floor muscles respond to this and automatically contract. This ensures effective and specific physiotherapy. Depending on how it feels, the balls can be worn for a few minutes or longer. We advise to gradually increase the useful life. But preferably no longer than 30 minutes, because pelvic floor muscles that are too tight can cause other problems. For real muscle strengthening, the balls must be worn regularly over an uninterrupted period. Well with a rest day after 2 days of training for the best result for example, a number of times a week for 1-4 months.

Extra cone exercises

For optimal results, you can do cone exercises with these cone balls. Exercises 1 and 2 in particular are good exercises to start calmly.

Kegel exercise 1 Good start exercise

For this exercise you sit on a chair. You put the ball in, you keep the legs closed. You try to gently move the ball back and forth. Then focus on squeezing the balls.

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