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Intimacy issues, in general, can be a difficult experience all around. In order to know the causes of it, it’s important to define it first.

Intimacy is basically defined as closeness, familiarity, or an intimate act. Many people think of intimacy on a more physical level, but there is also emotional and spiritual intimacy as well. The quality of how comfortable you are with someone shows the level of intimacy with that person.

In any type of an intimate setting, there must be a sense of mutual trust between two people, or else allowing yourself to open up and become vulnerable will not happen.

Be Honest With Yourself

The first step in overcoming intimacy is to be honest with yourself that you are struggling with this. Often times this is a topic that many people choose to ignore, thinking it will just subside on its own. The truth is, overcoming intimacy issues takes an active effort to do so, or else the problem will continue to fester.

Take Action

Once you are honest with yourself that intimacy is an issue, it is time to take action. Do something about it. There are many self-help books, educational videos, seminars, counseling, and coaching services you can do to help overcome the intimacy barrier.

Be Patient With Yourself

Remember that increasing intimacy is a process, and does not change overnight. But making efforts to change the level of intimacy in your relationships is a great start in meeting your intimacy goal.

Be Honest With Your Significant Other

Being open and honest with your significant other about your struggles is important as well. This helps keep the sense of partnership and connection strong as you continue down your journey of being comfortable with intimacy.

Creating intimacy and being comfortable with it is a process. Often times it can be quite painful for certain people to do this, but the gains you will get individually will outweigh the struggle to get there. Trust yourself that you are strong, and take actions now to get yourself in a happier, healthier place for you.