Relationships require a lot of work. It is not like when you were kids when being in love or infatuated is easy. There are a lot of things to consider when dealing with relationships as an adult.

The first few stages of a relationship are the best. It makes you feel like both of you are the main characters of a romantic film. However, what these movies do not show you is what their life is like after several years of being together. You know, the fighting, the taking for granted, sexless nights, and the divorce.

CSR Wrestling is not a fight club. Instead, we talk about your fights, your wins, and your losses in your relationships. Caroline Reese, the owner and editor of the website has dealt with many couples who struggle to maintain their long-term relationships. She has seen many have failed because of a lot of reasons. Reasons that if not discussed, many more couples would fall into the same trap.

We offer real stories with effective solutions. Healthy discussions involving our readers and our experts. Sex and relationship advice focusing on long-term relationships. Every month, we choose a story from our readers, and we feature the best one with a piece of advice from Caroline itself. So, send those stories to us!