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Vagina and Ben Wa Balls: The Perfect Combination

Vagina and Ben Wa Balls: The Perfect Combination

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Yoni Eggs Benefits That You Need To Know

Yoni Eggs Benefits That You Need To Know

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How Wrestling Is Saving My Marriage

How Wrestling Is Saving My Marriage

It’s hard to not to find the childish amusement in two grown-ups thrashing around like floppy fish. Most times our bout ends with us laughing, sometimes we have sex, and occasionally we take a nap.

“I’m going to wrestle you so hard right now,” my husband Craig says to me.

We’re in the kitchen, making chicken tacos, and I just told him he’s cutting the onion wrong. I’m cranky. I’ve been sleeping terribly, my night terrors rearing their ugly delusional heads. Earlier in the week, I thought a rumpled bathrobe on the floor next to the bed was our 3-year-old daughter Hattie, dead. I got up and screamed. I also punched Craig in the back.

As if he wasn’t already pissed at me, I’ve been letting my clothes pile up all over the house, something he can’t stand. Me, I’m annoyed that he’s been working on the computer long after the workday is over and is quick to lose his patience with Hattie, leaving me to clean up the tearful aftermath. Around the house, there’s no shortage of outbursts involving the word “fuck.”

Any chance we have to talk or cuddle or watch a movie together to make up is co-opted by Hattie, who has decided bedtime is the hour to try on every piece of clothing she owns, or by our newborn daughter Marvin, who needs to be at my breast at all times.

So we wrestle.

In the 10 minutes we have before we both pass out and start the parenting-work circus that is our life all over again the next day, we collapse on the bed, our makeshift wrestling ring. It begins gently enough, with some rolling and tousling of the hair, nothing too major, and picks up as our bodies start to feel really good about slamming into one another. He chicken-wings me, a move he perfected with his little brother. I knee him close to his crotch. We have no rules; anything goes.

The thing is, I like wrestling. Maybe even love it.

See, I have a little sister, but growing up we would only fight in the ways that females stereotypically do. Sort of. When we were younger, I’d pull her hair and chase her with a vacuum cleaner, the mere threat of it enough to send her screaming to her room. (A memory my mother never lets me forget even now at 35-years-old.) When we were in our teens, we’d steal each other’s clothes and stay on the one landline phone we all shared way longer than we said, out of spite. In our adult life, it looked more like throwing purses and calling each other every curse word imaginable.

Yet, while those outbursts might have temporarily relieved some frustration, they weren’t enough to let it go.

That’s where wrestling—a sport I knew little about and continue to know little about—comes into play. In those moments when Craig’s pinning me or I’m trying to cheat by nudging him off the bed with my feet, it’s hard to not to find the childish amusement in two grown-ups thrashing around like floppy fish. Most times our bout ends with us laughing, sometimes we have sex, and occasionally we take a nap.

I never win. And I don’t care.

I hesitate to tell people about our wrestling trysts. For one, they take one look at me and don’t believe I’m capable of it. I’m soft spoken. I have freckles. I look like the type of woman who rode horses in her childhood. (I didn’t, as I’ve never really liked animals.) And when they hear I met Craig in the Peace Corps, then it’s really over. The Peace Corps. Surely I’m some calm hippie who eats kale and meditates.

While I do, in fact, love kale, what they don’t know is that there’s a rage I’ve inherited from my Irish, bipolar father hidden deep within me. I’ve been drawn to things I could hit my whole life—a volleyball or drumkit, for example—and have an unabashed crush on JWOWW from Jersey Shore for the sole reason that she’s not afraid to use her fists when necessary. Wrestling lets me safely tap into those primal urges that women have been typically told to reign in. Sit still. Don’t cause a scene. Don’t fight.

This body of mine that has spent hours, days even, pushing out two humans wants another body pressing up against mine that isn’t going to back down. That’s committed to this moment. That’s going to make me twist my limbs and bend my bones in ways I don’t normally do, and come at me hard. I don’t believe in soft. I never have.

On the bed, I thrust my body on top of Craig’s back and have an advantage for a few seconds. Then in an instant, he’s twisted himself out from under me and is holding my hands above my head. We stare at each other, breathing heavily. The kids are in a deep sleep. The laundry remains dirty. The anxieties about our careers and creativity are forgotten.

I surrender to the loss of control.

I examine the number of gray hairs in his beard, hairs that have multiplied in the 10 years we’ve been together, and think of the number of gray streaks popping up on my own head. I imagine us old together, and how delicate our wrestling will have to be with our creaky bones and droopy skin.

Then claustrophobia starts to set in. I wiggle free from his grip and tickle him in a moment of weakness. We both laugh and fall into spooning. Match over. His workaholic tendencies will probably annoy me another time, but right now, they don’t seem so irritating.

“I’m sorry about the mess,” I say.

“I’m sorry about working so much,” he says.

Nothing is completely resolved. Not yet, at least. But there’s always tomorrow when maybe I can get one more half-nelson in.

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The Future Of VR And Interactive Porn

The Future Of VR And Interactive Porn

We’re already in a fairly high-tech state, but you know things won’t stop there. Aside from headsets becoming smaller, more sophisticated, and more affordable, bodysuits are probably going to be next in line – there is already research being done on smart textiles.


Not to mention things like the “pleasure chip” which has the potential to be embedded near the spine and deliver orgasms at the touch of a button. Poking around the brain isn’t anything new – there’s the famous case of the rat who chose pleasure over food until it starved to death.


Now, doctors are trying to find ways to use this concept to treat chronic pain. But, whether someone likes it or not, agrees with it or not, the porn industry is a powerhouse when it comes to moving tech forward – like being key in deciding which form of media become mainstream (VHS vs Betamax).


And now, porn has its sights set on VR and interactive immersion.

Man in bed wearing VR goggles, woman on chair wearing VR goggles



Curious, or enthusiastic, about the world of interactive porn?


Let’s look at the different kinds, what you’ll need, and what you need to know before you buy anything.


First, and most importantly…





There’s a lot of confusion in this area, so let’s clear that up first.


VR PORN = you can wear a VR headset and look around the room in either 180 or 360-degree view while the performers do their thing. 180-degree is easier to film, especially so a crew can stand behind the scenes.


INTERACTIVE PORN WITH TOYS = The viewer needs a teledildonic toy connected through Bluetooth. It will move in sync with the performer’s actions.


INTERACTIVE PORN STORY = This is more like a “choose your own adventure” story where you decide what the porn star does to you next and it cuts to that clip (not the focus of today’s article since it’s relatively straightforward).


  • The kind with toys and the kind with just a story can be muddled within the same “Interactive” subgenre.


  • VR and Interactive can happen in the SAME video, but they are not mutually inclusive.




  • If you want Point of View (POV), where it looks like the actress is doing something to you, the positions won’t be as varied as in traditional clips.


  • If you don’t need POV, there will be lots of clips to choose from, more position variations, but less of a feeling of being in on the action.


  • VR clips require a stable camera, so there won’t be any close-ups, cutscenes, or camera movements. You’ll be in one position looking at the scene.





There are MANY sites that support this kind of porn, and they all come with their own pros and cons. Some might offer high-quality videos, but they end up being expensive. Other’s might offer free content, but the production value is less inspiring. Then there is whether you want straight, gay, lesbian, trans, or whatever else this massive buffet has to offer.


Looking through VR goggles, handsome man


There are plenty of others. If you want a more complete list, as well as pros and cons.





The image below is a good example of what you need to know and what information the site should be offering.  Since this one is VR, they tell you the range (in this case, it’s 180). They show which toys are compatible, the download data, and even a FAQ right where you need it.


The free headset with a membership is a nice addition, but honestly, those ones are cheap as chips.


Screenshot of interactive VR porn site


At a minimum, you should also see something like the orange button (on the image below) somewhere on the site/page…


Screenshot of button to link to interactive porn





If you want VR, you’ll need to buy the headset.


Options range from the cheap cardboard fold-ups you stick your phone into, to the more expensive ones like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Window Mixed Reality, PSVR, or Daydream.


There’s no right or wrong with this choice (yes, there will be quality differences) but it ends up being how much strain your wallet can afford.


NOTE: If you aren’t going VR, you don’t even have to buy this at all.


The one thing you have to buy?


Sex toys. Because, other than your hand, it’s the only way to get that interaction you want.


There are toys that can actually sync to videos. There are lots of toys out there that take on the title of interactive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean with porn.


Nora rabbit vibrator and Max male masturbator by lovense, sex toys that can connect to VR porn

Which one depends on preference.  I can’t say your budget will be the deciders because they are all expensive – understandably so since they are filled with computer chips and require massive programming, algorithms, and things beyond my pay grade.


Lovense and Kiiroo male options are easier to handle, but won’t have the thrusting power of the Launch. However, the Launch is an enormous thing to try to hold onto.


I’m obviously biased towards Lovense and have heard users complain about how buggy the Kiiroo app can be. That aside, I would recommend Launch over Autoblow any day of the week. Hands down.


Unfortunately, these are your only options at the moment. So, I would recommend research before you buy.


NOTE: There is a male and female set called Vitafun His & Her on Indiegogo (2916), but there is no mention of it working with porn. Also, a product called the eJaculator boasts some fairly large promises about massive content with their VR headset and corresponding toy, however, the website only gives you a link to their Indiegogo campaign which started in 2016.




Having this experience isn’t as easy as pressing play on your favorite video. Once you have your toy, it will require a bit of set up first – like getting into the app, connecting to your phone, and syncing with the site.


I can’t tell you specifically how, because each toy and site have different protocols, but they should all have their own how-to guide you can follow.


After that, it’s making sure you have a stable internet connection (if you’re going to be streaming), and a decent WIFI connection.





Behind the scenes shooting of VR porn

[above] Japanese director and actress with male “stand in” preparing for a shot. Look at all the equipment.


Programming the videos and toys to sync up properly isn’t as easy as people think it is.

There are programs that can create the patterns quickly, but they won’t match up very well with the scene. If someone wants a spot-on experience (as in every thrust or buzz of the toy follows every moment on screen) remember that each video must be:


1. Specifically coded one by one, moment … by … moment


2. Matched to be compatible with each sex supported sex toy


That’s a lot of work for every piece of content people want to watch – and some of them go longer than 30 minutes. And even with all of that, the tech is still in ongoing development, so nothing will be 100% immersion.


Then there’s the MOTION SICKNESS WARNING. Because things are moving on camera, but your body is staying (mostly) still, it could screw with your inner ear and make you feel queasy.





  • Tenga, the makers of some pretty great male masturbators, came out with a full body VR suit – complete with a harness to keep the toy AND fake boob platform in place. It’s clearly experimental, but it looks like they’re not going to proceed past this stage.


Full body VR porn suit from Japan


  • Virtual Real Porn claims to have the first ever interactive porn video.


  • Some sex doll makers are trying to figure out how to integrate their toys with VR porn and other sex products.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Have you stumbled across any other interesting information about VR or interactive porn? Share in the comments!