Yoni Eggs Benefits That You Need To Know

Yoni Eggs Benefits That You Need To Know

Yoni eggs are something very personal and we believe that every woman feels best which egg fits her. To start with, we recommend using the yoni egg of quartz or jade. If you plan to give yoni eggs to a friend or acquaintance, it is advisable to choose one of these crystals.

All our eggs have a hole through which a thread runs. This helps especially in the beginning to get a better sense of security in dealing with the yoni egg.

What Size Fits For Me?

Yoni eggs are available in 3 sizes: Large 45x30mm, Medium 40x25mm and Small 30x20mm.  That sounds a little bit contradictory, but at the beginning you have to start with a big or middle Yoni egg and then try to scale down to a smaller size with increasing skill. The bigger the egg, the easier it is to feel and hold it with the muscles. At the same time, the big yoni egg is also the heaviest and therefore harder to keep for a longer period of time. If you cannot keep the egg in it, do not be discouraged – that’s normal. It takes practice and patience. If you have trouble, try to start by lying or sitting.

Rule of thumb: Most women can start with the medium size. It does not matter which figure you have or if you have grown big or small. The medium size usually fits well. If after one month of practicing you find that you feel more comfortable with a big egg, you can still buy a bigger one. Then, after about two weeks with the bigger egg, you can take on the medium size again.

If you have already had one or more children or the menopause and therefore unsure what size fits you, we recommend the set of 3. You can work through the 3 sizes with exercise or use different sizes on different days.

Small yoni eggs (Small) are not intended for small women, but for advanced users. The smaller the egg, the more muscle needed to feel and hold the egg. Small yoni eggs are also suitable for women who have a strong pelvic floor muscles. In this case, however, caution is advised and it is recommended to consolidate the gynecologist and discuss the practice with her prior to the event.

What Crystal Should I Choose?

The answer to the question of which crystal to choose is already deep within you. Many women choose a crystal based on their intuition.

Yoni Eggs from this site are made from real crystals and processed into yoni eggs. Many crystals are safe to wear, but please note that not all are suitable for prolonged use within the yoni.

In the Taoist culture, 3 types of stones are used. Women tend to start with the healing jade, then go to the Black Obsidian to release trauma and inner blockages and end up with the rose quartz, which opens the heart. These stones have been used for thousands of years and both safety and healing have been proven over time.

The most popular crystal for beginners is the jade, which we recommend for the start of the Yoni practice for the following reasons:

Jade is a very hard stone that does not break, even if it falls off during the exercise. Jade absorbs heat very quickly, so your body does not need much energy to warm it up. Jade has many healing properties for the body the reproduction His energy is strong and protective. Jade protects you from negative energy from the outside Most women can wear jade for a long period of time and are thus supplied with energy With enough care, a jade egg will be a faithful companion for a lifetime Starting with a jade egg is our recommendation. Follow your intuition, however, if your body tells you otherwise.

How Does You Work With The Yoni Ei?

The Yoni Egg practice consists of contraction exercises of the pelvic floor muscles – so-called Kegel exercises. The only difference to the usual Kegel exercises is that you have a Yoni Egg inside you. For example, instead of just exercising your biceps with an up and down motion, you use a dumbbell.

Please give yourself time. It’s important that you focus on relaxing yourself and your pelvic floor after contracting. Your goal is to train your agility while developing muscle power. See it as a yoga exercise that involves both strength and stretching and relaxation.

As you gain experience and practice, you will be able to target and activate various muscle areas within your yoni. This is known as “pompoir” or “vaginal kung fu” – how cool is that?

Note: As with any exercise session, regular exercise will bring the best results. We recommend that you use the yoni egg as a ritual. A ritual for self-love. Set a goal and take time for yourself.

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