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Everlast Sauna Suits

Ready to power up your weight loss and burn even more fat with aerobic exercise? Then it’s time to try out a plastic sweat suit from CSR Wrestling. Sauna suits will help take your cardiovascular workout to the max – and lose weight, too. By increasing perspiration during aerobic activities, sauna suits help you shed pounds more quickly by losing water weight. A plastic sweat suit will also help keep muscles warm during workouts.

Increasing sweat means more calories are burned and water weight shed. For athletes looking for weight loss, these durable sauna suits help you meet your goals. There’s nothing better to accelerate your workout, whether you’re walking, jumping rope or running.

With oversize options built for comfort, and elastic neck, arms, legs and waist openings for a secure fit, sauna suits are hand washable – just hang to dry.

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Shock Doctor Adult Gel Max Convertible Classic Fit Mouthguard

The Shock Doctor™ Adult Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard has a Gel-Fit™ liner that custom molds to your teeth for a tight, comfortable fit. The Triple-Layer design features an integrated breathing channel and has a convertible tether that allows the mouthguard to be strapped or strapless. Crafted using a heavy-duty rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame, the Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard offers the ultimate protection for any sport.

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Cliff Keen Defense Soap Disinfectant Soap and Dish – 6 pack

Created specifically for combat athletes, Cliff Keen® Defense Soap™ Disinfectant Soap uses all-natural ingredients and essential oils to rid your skin of bacteria, viruses, and fungus associated with contact sports. Created with high-quality tea tree and eucalyptus oils
Clinically proven to wash away bacteria, viruses and fungus associated with contact sports

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